Smart cards are given to every student except for Year 1 and 2s. They are used for printing and photocopying, buying food and beverages, loaning laptops (only available for secondary students) and identity identification. If the doors are locked, you can put your card on the sensors next to the door and you have access to enter the area. The card can also store money to purchase items.


If students' smart cards are lost or damaged, a surcharge of $50 needs to be paid for a replacement. The school will immediately suspend the lost or damaged card's service. The owner of the lost card must immediately report their card ID to the cafeteria and the administration office. The money stored in the lost card will be transferred in the new card.


Money needs to be stored separately for buying stationery, books, uniforms, photocopying, printing and buying food and drinks. This issue arose because of the different systems between the cafeteria and the school.